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In a dynamic world with ever-depleting resources, countries are increasingly focusing on sustainability. To become a superpower, a nation needs to imbibe sustainability in addressing their energy requirements, which is possible only by pursuing renewables. The major roadblock in addressing Sustainability issue is keeping pace with the increasing energy demand. It is possible only through collective
With ever-increasing power demand in India and the burgeoning costs to meet that, the idea of homemade electricity by harnessing energy from the Sun looks more and more attractive. In what follows, we will be looking into why Solar Rooftop makes the most sense for a country like India where 17% of the world population resides in 2.4%

Ujaas Home- Our Message

Sunday, 22 July 2018
Ujaas, serving customers since 1979 Ujaas has been in the energy industry for decades. From Transformers to Solar Panels we have come a long way. In those years, we have witnessed the rapid transformation that Indian economy has gone through, accompanied by changing sensibilities of the Indian consumer. Our team in Ujaas Solar, hence, understand the needs

India and The Solar Advantage

Sunday, 22 July 2018
Greenhouse gas emissions by Solar Power Plant is measely 22-46g kWh When it comes to cleaner fossil fuels, India has only limited resources. The principal energy source for the country is coal which is the dirtiest fossil fuel. Calorific value (a measure of thermal energy available in the fuel) of coal is very low compared