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Why is Ujaas Home the best?

Sunday, 22 July 2018
Ujaas Home doesn&rsquo t just offer solar panels but a comprehensive package of products and services associated with residential solar panel installation. Solar rooftop system is a package product comprising residential solar panels, inverter, mounting structures and net meter, and services which include installation, paperwork on your behalf and continual post-installation monitoring. Ujaas Home offers
Residential Solar Installation is a great way for making a positive impact on the environment and incurring savings at the same time. It is a must that components of the plant are of high quality and supplied by credible manufacturers to ensure the safety of residents who use the Home Solar system. Let&rsquo s know
Mr Vikalp Mudra is the Joint MD and promoter of the company. He runs the company with his brother Mr Anurag Mundra. &ldquo It is the year-on-year growth of this solar giant in all sections, which has successfully landed it (Ujaas Energy) among the top 5 of India&rsquo s fastest growing companies in Rs 250 crore-Rs 999 crore