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Recently in India, Solar tariffs plunged to a low of Rs 2.44 unit for a solar project in Rajasthan. Evolving technology, competition and the economy of scale in the production of Solar Panels have made them cheaper and many expect their prices to drop further. So, it&rsquo s natural for fans of to ask if they

What is Net Metering?

Sunday, 22 July 2018
For those who care about energy security as well as those who care about the environment, the abundance and renewable characteristic of Solar Energy make it one of the most attractive options as an energy source. But Sun is not constant. The intensity of Sun is much less during monsoon and winter. And solar panels cannot
The first Net metered Home Solar PV System in Madhya Pradesh was inaugurated at the residence of Shri Santosh Muchhal in Indore. The 1.92 kW Solar unit is set up on an area of 175 square feets and generates a minimum 10 units per day. Net metered Home Solar PV System is connected to the grid to which excess
In 2017, Solar power capacity in India crossed 10,000 MW as India built a number of Solar Parks across the country. Ujaas Energy played a key role in achieving the figure by establishing solar plants in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Solar Parks are recently in headlines for offering record low tariffs, making electricity generated from Solar Plants much