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When India made the decision to adopt renewables at large scale to meet its growing energy demand and simultaneously mitigate climate change, it was not done at the expense of coal. India had long-term plans to establish coal based Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs) to augment India&rsquo s energy mix. But in May 2017, India cancelled 13.7
On 1st April 2017, power consumers in the state of Bihar saw an electricity tariff hike of 20%. In the same month, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) increased power tariff by 8%. There is no dearth of statistics for price rise in the electricity sector. The wholesale inflation rate in fuel and power sector was massive 18% in January&rsquo 17
Ujaas&rsquo World Environment Day initiative As landmarks across the world will turn green to celebrate World Environment Day, Ujaas will lit Indore&rsquo s iconic landmark Rajwada in green. A product of Maratha architecture, the heritage building lies in the heart of the city and is the pride of Indore. The city of Indore has
In our previous blog, we learned about World Environment Day, its history and significance. This time, we will discuss one of the practical aspects of achieving the goals that this day stands for, that is, Green building. There is no one way to contribute to the environment of course. Small measures like switching off lights when