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With the prices of solar panels falling, Home Solar has become a lot more affordable for common house owners. Installing home solar is now a reasonable option for those who look for ways to cut their expenses on power as well as the environment-conscious residents who dream to make their home a green home. But what
The days when solar plants were limited to large solar farms are over in India. Now, most of the states have net metering policies to incentivise homeowners to install solar panels at home. But why would you choose to spend money on solar panels Installing solar panels at home have many advantages Savings on Electricity Bill
With the adoption of Rooftop Solar Panels, power generation has become decentralised. Now, Ordinary households can generate their own electricity, transmit it to the utility grid and incur direct savings on their power bill. Installing Home Solar is no doubt a good investment that saves your hard-earned money for 25 long years. But how effective your roof