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India is the fourth largest emitter of carbon dioxide and is therefore obliged to be the forefront producer as well as consumer of renewable energy. World bank has provided one billion dollars to support India&rsquo s plans to go solar. This fund has already sponsored 100MW of energy. Going solar is the greenest saving. It
Despite the tremendous growth of residential solar installations, many myths about solar power still prevail around us. Here are some solar power myths &mdash and the facts that debunk these myths. #1. Myth Solar panels can&rsquo t operate well on a rainy day or cloudy conditions. Fact There is a possibility that cloudy weather decreases the
The energy provided by the sun is what we call as solar energy. It is no more a rocket science for people who want to save their penny spent on electricity bills, especially during summers. Using sun&rsquo s energy and generating electricity out of it is among the world&rsquo s most useful inventions of