Best answer: What is an electric motor draw a well Labelled circuit diagram of a simple electric motor?

What is electric motor draw a labeled circuit diagram of a simple electric motor mention its principle explain its working?

Ans: An electric motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The principle behind the electric motor is based on Fleming’s left hand rule. Working: When a current is allowed to flow through the coil PQRS the coil starts rotating anti-clockwise.

What is an electric motor with help of Labelled diagram describe the working of a simple electric motor in what ways can a motor be made more powerful?

An electric motor works on the principle of magnetic effect of electric current. In an electric motor, a rectangular coil ABCD in placed between two magnets in poles N and S. Now, current is passed through it continuously. When current is passed into the coil, it produces a magnetic field around it.

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What is electric motor explain with a Labelled diagram?

An electric motor is a rotating device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy working. Working: Current in the coil ABCD enters from the source battery through conducting brush X and flow back to the battery through brush Y. Notice that the current in the arm AB of the coil flows from A to B.

What is electric motor diagram?

Electrical energy is converted in into mechanical energy in an electric motor. Working of electric motor: As shown in the diagram, when a current is passed through the coil PQRS the coil starts rotating anti clockwise because a downward force acts on length PQ and at the same time an upward force acts on RS.

How does a simple electric motor work?

This simple electric motor works by the magnetic force F = IL x B. The magnetic field at both of these spots points in the same direction. … Thus, the magnetic force on the wire at opposite ends of the loop points in opposite directions, causing it to spin.

What is principle of electric motor?

The electric motor works on the principle of magnetic effects of current. Its principle is when a rectangular coil is placed in a magnetic field and current is passed through it, the coil rotates as a result of the forces acting on the coil.

What is the difference between simple electric motor and commercial electric motor?

Difference between simple electric motors and commercial electric motors: In commercial electric motors, field coils are used for producing magnetic fields and not a permanent magnet as in simple electric motors. These coils become magnetized when current is passed through them.

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What is difference between electric motor and commercial motor?

In electric motors, the split ring acts as a commutator. … In commercial motor an electromagnet is used in place of permanent magnet. Commercial motors have more number of turns of conducting wire in current carrying coil. Commercial motors have soft iron core on which the coil is wound.

Where do we use electric motors?

Electric motors are found in industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, household appliances, power tools and disk drives. Small motors may be found in electric watches.

What is the function of brushes in electric motor?

Brushes: It conducts current between stationary wires and moving parts, most commonly in a rotating shaft. Split Ring: It helps to reverse the direction of current in the circuit.

What is Fleming’s left hand rule?

The direction of the force can be found using Fleming’s left-hand rule. Hold your thumb, forefinger and second finger at right angles to each other: the forefinger is lined up with magnetic field lines pointing from north to south. the second finger is lined up with the current pointing from positive to negative.

What are the types of electric motor?

Types of Electric Motors

  • AC Brushless Motors. AC brushless motors are some of the most popular in motion control. …
  • DC Brushed Motors. In a DC brushed motor, brush orientation on the stator determines current flow. …
  • DC Brushless Motors. …
  • Direct Drive. …
  • Linear Motors. …
  • Servo Motors. …
  • Stepper Motors.

What is the price of electric motor?

Top Selling Motors Price List in India

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Latest Motors Models Expected Price
SONEE-DX 3HP 4 Pole Copper Single Phase AC Electric Motor with 1 Year Warranty ₹9066
Oswal 5HP 1440rpm Single Phase Induction Electric Motor, OM-9-(CI) ₹15507
Oswal 1HP 1390rpm Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Electric Motor, OM-35-FLM ₹6234

What are the basic parts of a simple electric motor?

A simple motor has the following parts:

  • A power supply – mostly DC for a simple motor.
  • Field Magnet – could be a permanent magnet or an electromagnet.
  • An Armature or rotor.
  • Commutator.
  • Brushes.
  • Axle.
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