Question: Can you plant trees near electrical boxes?

To avoid future electrical hazards, safe planting tips to remember include: Consider mature height of trees. Never plant a tree near a power line that could grow within 25 feet of it. Tall growing trees should be planted a minimum of 20 feet away from power lines, and 50 feet away to avoid future pruning.

How close can you plant a tree to an electrical box?

Choose trees that will grow no higher than 25 feet when planting near power lines. Plant larger trees more than 40-60 feet away from power lines.

Can you plant around electrical box?

Mark the perimeter around the electrical box with a garden hose to ensure you don’t plant within the access zone. … If the box is installed on your house, you must leave a space open on at least one side for access, although it’s best to leave access from both sides.

What can you plant around a power box?

Plant a fast-growing, flowering vine like clematis or trumpet vine to fill in the space and distract the eye. You can achieve the same effect by planting a row of shrubs or small trees. If you are allowed to plant near or around the box, select flowers of varying colors, heights, and bloom times.

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How can I hide my electrical box in my yard?

Another way to hide utility boxes in your front yard, especially those huge electrical transformer boxes, is to add a corner fence and plant bushes and flowers around the fence.

Are utility boxes dangerous?

In most cases, these boxes pose no danger, but they must be recognized and respected for the electrical equipment they contain. A box knocked askew by equipment, or tampered with and missing a lock, can become a serious danger to anyone, especially children who often use them as platforms.

What is the green electrical box in my yard?

You’re aware of those green metal boxes in neighborhood yards, but do you know what they’re for? These boxes contain pad-mounted transformers that step down high-voltage electricity to a lower voltage needed for the underground wires supplying power to the lights and appliances in homes.

Can electric meter box painted?

Several different designs are in use today and according the Puget Sound Energy, most modern meters can be painted. The meter reader has a clear plastic cover that should be masked off and not painted.

Do transformer boxes decrease property value?

It’s prevalent in every neighborhood, and when in an alley, has no effect on value. There is a slight effect when in the front yard.

Is it safe to have a transformer in your backyard?

A “padmount” transformer has a grounded case with lockable covers over the primary and secondary terminals, and is completely safe. Name padmount comes from being pad mounted on a concrete pad. All cables enter a rectangular blockout under the terminal compartments. All cables are insulated and the case is grounded.

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Can you paint a utility box on your property?

You may not paint it, and any landscaping that you plant around the box has to allow a clear path of access for workers. … You may have a green metal box near or in front of your home. These are called padmounted transformers and are a key part of the electrical system that delivers power to your home.

Can you cover a meter box?

Several electricians told me it was against code to cover the meter. In fact, however, covers don’t violate the National Electrical Code, but your local power supplier might object. I found that as long as meter readers know where the meter is and have easy access to it, they don’t object at all.

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