Question: Why are some materials good conductors of electricity?

Answer: Metals are an excellent conductor of electricity and heat because the atoms in the metals form a matrix through which outer electrons can move freely. Instead of orbiting their respective atoms, they form a sea of electrons that surround the positive nuclei of the interacting metal ions.

Why are some materials better conductors of electricity than others?

Metals have free electrons that are not bounded to the atoms. These electrons are free to move around within the metal, colliding with the metal atoms and transferring heat to them efficiently. This makes metals better conductors of heat than most other materials.

Why is a material that is a good conductor of electricity also a good conductor of heat?

Answer and Explanation: Substances that are good conductors of electricity are also good conductors of heat because they have free valence electrons. … This makes them move faster and they travel through the metal, colliding with both atoms and other electrons.

Why are some materials good thermal conductors while some are not?

Conduction is usually faster in certain solids and liquids than in gases. Materials that are good conductors of thermal energy are called thermal conductors. Metals are especially good thermal conductors because they have freely moving electrons that can transfer thermal energy quickly and easily.

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What are 5 good conductors?


  • silver.
  • copper.
  • gold.
  • aluminum.
  • iron.
  • steel.
  • brass.
  • bronze.

What is the difference between a good conductor and a good insulator?

The most common difference between the two is that while conductors allow free flow of electrons from one atom to another, insulators restrict free flow of electrons. Conductors allow electrical energy to pass through them, whereas insulators do not allow electrical energy to pass through them.

Is a good conductor of heat and electricity?

Silver is the best conductor of both heat & electricity among metals with a thermal conduction value of about 430 W/(mK). ❖ Gold & copper both come respectably close to silver. ❖ Silver also has the highest thermal conductivity of any element & the highest light reflectance.

How can you say that a material is a good conductor of heat and electricity?

Answer: Metals are good conductors (both of heat and electricity) because at least one electron per atom is free: i.e., it is not tied to any particular atom, but is, instead, able to move freely throughout the metal. Low resistivity/ / high conductivity.

What is the best example of a heat insulator?

Wood, plastic and air are some of the examples of heat insulators. Gases are poorest heat conductors. In other words, they are the best heat insulators. Air is a mixture of gases.

Is water an insulator?

Well actually, pure water is an excellent insulator and does not conduct electricity.

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