What does P mean in electrical terms?

Electric power, like mechanical power, is the rate of doing work, measured in watts, and represented by the letter P. The term wattage is used colloquially to mean “electric power in watts.”

What is the formula of electric power P?

P = R × I2 or V2/ R: These formulas are a variant of ohm’s law. Here R stands for resistance, V stands for potential difference and I stands for current. It states that power is directly proportional to the square of potential difference and inversely proportional to the resistance offered by the conductor.

What does in mean in electrical terms?

List of Abbreviations

A ampere – unit of electric current
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers
In current setting of protective device
It tabulated current
Iz current carrying capacity

What is small p power?

Small r and g are used for internal values, such as rp and gm of a tube.

Electrical Characteristics.

Quantity Symbol Basic Unit
Charge Q or q coulomb (C)
Power P watt (W)
Voltage V or v volt (V)
Resistance R ohm e

What are the 3 formulas for electric power?

Ohm’s law equation (formula): V = I × R and the power law equation (formula): P = I × V. P = power, I or J = Latin: influare, international ampere, or intensity and R = resistance. V = voltage, electric potential difference Δ V or E = electromotive force (emf = voltage).

What is current formula?

The current is the ratio of the potential difference and the resistance. It is represented as (I). The current formula is given as I = V/R. The SI unit of current is Ampere (Amp).

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What does P IV mean?

In terms of current and voltage it is P=IV. The energy used is the amount of charge q moved through voltage V in a time interval t. It is equal to the integral of power over time. A common unit used to describe energy usage is the kilowatt-hour, the energy of 1000 W acting over one hour.

What are the common electrical terms?

Basic Electrical Terms

  • Volts. Volts are used with numbers to describe the force of the current. …
  • Ohms. This is a measurement for the amount of resistance in a circuit. …
  • Circuit. An electrical circuit is one loop of electrical flow. …
  • Service Box. …
  • Circuit Breaker. …
  • Ground Fault Interrupt. …
  • Conduit. …
  • Gauge.

What does I stand for in electrical terms?

I – Current, a flow of electric charge. J – Joule, the SI unit of energy equal to one watt for one second. kW – Kilowatt, equal to 1,000 watts of electrical power.

What is power Wikipedia?

In physics, power (symbol: P) is how fast work is done or energy is given from one thing to another. In the SI system of measurement, power is measured in watts (symbol: W). … Power is also equal to force times velocity (or speed).

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