What is chemical effect of electric current give some examples?

An example of the chemical effect is that When an electric current is passed through the solution of a metal salt, such as a solution of copper sulfate, metal gets deposited at the negative electrode because the metal is positively charged.

What is chemical effect of electric current?

The passage of an electric current through a conducting solution causes chemical reactions. As a result, bubbles of a gas may be formed on the electrodes. Deposits of metal may be seen on electrodes. Changes of colour of solutions may occur. The reaction would depend on what solution and electrodes are used.

What is the chemical effect of electric current Class 8?

Chemical effect of the electric current: The passage of an electric current through a conducting solution causes chemical reaction. That may cause formation of bubbles of a gas on the electrodes, deposites of metal on electrodes, changes of colour of solutions etc.

What are 3 effects of electric current?

Hence, the three effects of electric current are heating effect, magnetic effect and chemical effect.

What are the four effects of electric current?

Name four different effects of electric current?

  • Magnetic effect.
  • Chemical effect.
  • Heating effect.
  • Electric shocks.
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What is chemical effect?

Chemical effects pertain to aggressiveness of water and can be realized through: increase in solubility of rock, speeding up reactions, and introducing additional dissolution mechanisms (e.g., thermal mixing corrosion).

Do liquids conduct electricity Class 8?

Solution: Liquid conduct electricity because they have free ions as in acids, bases and salts being dissolved in water.

Which is a good conductor of electricity?

One of the most commonly used metals to conduct electricity is copper. … Copper is commonly used as an effective conductor in household appliances and in electrical equipment in general. Because of its low cost, most wires are copper-plated.

How do we use electricity in our daily lives?

People use electricity for lighting, heating, cooling, and refrigeration and for operating appliances, computers, electronics, machinery, and public transportation systems.

What are the five effects of electric current?

The main effects are heating, chemical and magnetic effects. When current flows in a circuit it exhibits various effects. The main effects are heating, chemical and magnetic effects.

Effects of electric current

  • Heating effect. …
  • Chemical effect. …
  • Magnetic effect of Electricity.

What are the 2 effects of electric current?

Answer: The two effects of electric current are; heating effect and magnetic effect.

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