When was first nuclear power plant built in Pakistan?

Canada helped Pakistan build its first nuclear power plant in 1972 in Karachi, which is currently producing around 80 megawatts of electricity, according to officials. The facility has almost lived its life and is expected to be abandoned once K-2 and K-3 are fully operational.

Who gave nuclear reactor to Pakistan?

The academic research on nuclear technology began in 1956, with the establishment of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. In 1965, United States provided a 10 MW research reactor – Pakistan Atomic Research Reactor-I (PARR) – to Pakistan.

Which is biggest nuclear power plant in Pakistan?

Reactors operating in Pakistan

Reactor Name Alternative Name Net Capacity (MWe)
Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 Chashma Nuclear Power Plant 3 315
Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4 Chashma Nuclear Power Plant 4 313
K-2 Karachi 2 1,014
Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Karachi 1 90

Which is biggest power plant in Pakistan?

In service

Station Community Capacity (MW)
(KANUPP-1) Karachi, Sindh 85
(CHASNUPP-1) Mianwali, Punjab 325
(CHASNUPP-2) Mianwali, Punjab 320
(CHASNUPP-3) Mianwali, Punjab 340
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