We live in a country where natural resources are in abundance. The biggest reservoir of energy is the Sun that we are blessed with. When the sun can lighten up the whole world with its immense heat and light why not our homes Solar energy has been under-utilised in our country. Proper and correct usage of
For almost 4 years, the investors in the home solar systems have been reaping the benefits of subsidized rates and rebates brought into being by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).These incentives have been aiding people in getting a hassle-free installation and helping them save their money. The subsidy has offered substantial savings depending
We usually dismiss small steps towards the betterment of the environment because of questions like the following ones, what can one person do about the environment What difference is it going to make if I decide to avoid using plastic bags or switch off a light bulb As you may know, solar energy is the best
Rooftop solar solutions incorporate home solar systems which produce electricity from sunlight. It is basically a power generating system which uses solar panels for the conversion. It works on the simple mechanism of converting DC power into AC. There is no doubt in the fact that the energy generated through solar is clean and a renewable