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Having a rooftop solar system for electricity generation for your house or office is a caring gesture towards mother earth as well as your wallet because the solar systems compensate for their own cost and start making profit in just a few years. The cost of these systems has also fallen significantly. Now, why should you
With a steep growth of 89 % over last year, India is expected to overtake Japan as the World&rsquo s third largest Solar PV market in 2017. Leading the global consensus to mitigate climate change and proactively tackling the country&rsquo s power deficit, India is making massive leaps to meet the energy demand of 1.2 billion people. Solar
On 1st April 2017, power consumers in the state of Bihar saw an electricity tariff hike of 20%. In the same month, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) increased power tariff by 8%. There is no dearth of statistics for price rise in the electricity sector. The wholesale inflation rate in fuel and power sector was massive 18% in January&rsquo 17
The first Net metered Home Solar PV System in Madhya Pradesh was inaugurated at the residence of Shri Santosh Muchhal in Indore. The 1.92 kW Solar unit is set up on an area of 175 square feets and generates a minimum 10 units per day. Net metered Home Solar PV System is connected to the grid to which excess