Best answer: How can you prove the chemical effect of electric current on potato?

The formation of a greenish blue spot around the positive electrode inserted in the surface of a cut potato shows that the chemical effect of current can bring about change in the colour of a conducting solution.

What happens when electric current is passed through the potato?

Answer: When electric current is passed through potato chemical reaction takes place inside potato. Copper and zinc is connected with potato which acts as electrode. … Due to formation of copper ions, there is formation of greenish blue spot around copper (positive) electrode.

How electric current can produce a chemical effect?

The passage of an electric current through a conducting solution causes chemical reactions. As a result, bubbles of a gas may be formed on the electrodes. Deposits of metal may be seen on electrodes. Changes of colour of solutions may occur.

How can you demonstrate the chemical effect of electric current on water?

William Nicholson, a British chemist demonstrated that bubbles of oxygen and hydrogen are formed when the electrodes are submerged in water and current is passed through the water.

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How do you get electricity from a potato?

Potatoes are a mix of starch and salts. Electric current is conducted between two metals inserted in the potato by forming a salt bridge between them. This occurs because the salt in the potato releases ions, allowing them to travel through the wire connecting the two metals[sc:1][sc:comma][sc:2].

Why does potato turns green on passing current?

The hydrogen is released around the positive wire, forming bubbles if the potato is moist enough. The negative wire is producing oxygen, which combines with the copper of the wire, forming a green copper oxide. That is what colors the potato green.

Which effect of current causes the bulb to glow?

Therefore, the effect of current responsible for the glow of the bulb in an electric circuit is the heating effect. So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

What are the 3 types of substances?

Different types of chemical substance

  • an element contains just one type of atom.
  • a compound contains two or more types of atom joined together.
  • a mixture contains two or more different substances that are not joined together.
  • the different substances in a mixture can be elements or compounds.

What are the two chemical effects of electric current?

Some of the chemical effects of electric current are as follows : Bubbles of gas may be formed at electrodes. Deposits of metal may be seen on electrodes. Change of colour of solution may occur.

What are the three effects of electric current?

When an electric current flows in a circuit it can have one or more of the following three effects: heating, magnetic or chemical.

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What are chemical effects?

Chemical effects pertain to aggressiveness of water and can be realized through: increase in solubility of rock, speeding up reactions, and introducing additional dissolution mechanisms (e.g., thermal mixing corrosion).

What are magnetic effects of electric current?

The magnetic effect of electric current is known as electromagnetic effect. It is observed that when a compass is brought near a current carrying conductor the needle of compass gets deflected because of flow of electricity. This shows that electric current produces a magnetic effect.

What are the applications of chemical effect of current?

Electroplating and electrolysis are the applications of chemical effect of electric current.

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