Best answer: How do you splice Poly electric fence?

Can you splice an electric fence?

When there is a break in the wire at any point in the line, the electrical current stops. Another advantage of this type of fence is that they are easy to fix. You can splice the electric fence wire together to get the current going again.

Can you tie poly wire together?

You actually need to burn the ends of the polywire to expose the wires, then tie a knot further down the polywire, and join the two sets of exposed wires by twisting them. This makes a connection that is both physically and electrically sound.

How do you splice poly tape?

Splicing poly tape is easy using specially designed splicer buckles. Use a poly tape tensioner to maintain tape tension as needed. For best results, energize poly tape fence lines with a low impedance fence charger. Poly tape should not be used with a continuous output charger.

Can electric fence wires touch each other?

Wires will flip together once in awhile. If in-line strainers are installed one above the other, they will sometimes hook up. Separate in-line strainers by a fencepost and they will never catch on each other. Wires too close to each other.

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How do I make my electric fence stronger?

If the fence extends over 500m away from the main earth it will be necessary to add an additional earth line to the bottom of the fence and bury a stake at those intervals. Wire is a better conductor than ground so a ground rod every +/- 500meters will greatly increase the effectiveness of the fence.

How does Poly wire work?

Poly Fencing Materials

Constructed of a combination of metal and plastic filaments, poly fencing consists of small wire strands which serve as the conductors. Woven together with polyethylene, this design produces tape, wire, and rope versions.

How many strands of wire do I need for an electric fence?

In general, at least 4 to 5 strands spaced approximately 10 inches apart are recommended for high-tensile fencing with a minimum fence height of 54 inches. Place the bottom wire at least 12 inches above the ground. At least 2 to 3 strands should be electrified.

How far can you run electric fence?

When using high-tensile wire, it allows for greater line post spacing than conventional wire; usually 50 feet as a minimum.

How far apart should electric fence wires be?

On very flat land, line posts are commonly spaced 10 to 16 feet apart (if not electrified). If electrified, spacing can be as far as 150 feet apart for line posts. Wire spacers are used in all dips and at least every 30 feet apart for five wire strands and 50 feet for two to three strands.

How do you apply poly tape?

Following manufacturer’s directions, attach one end of the polytape to a tensioner on a gate or corner post. Run the polytape through the insulators on the line posts. Do not close insulators yet. Attach the polytape to a second tensioner on a second post.

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