Can I pay electricity bill through Paytm wallet without KYC?

Paytm has clarified that without KYC, transferring amounts out of their Paytm wallets back to their bank accounts or to make cash transfers to other Paytm accounts is not permitted. However, making payments with the Paytm wallet for services like Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Big Basket, can be continued without any hindrance.

Can I pay through Paytm without KYC?

Without minimum KYC it is still possible for you to use Paytm for UPI money transfer and make purchases using credit/debit cards and net-banking.

Can we use Paytm wallet to pay electricity bill?

Paytm provides you with flexible payment methods and multiple electricity bill payment offers. You can pay your Bijli bill online at Paytm using a debit card, credit card, Paytm wallet and UPI (UPI is only available at Paytm app).

Which wallet can be used without KYC?

Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe Users Without KYC Can Now Use Services; RBI’s ‘Low KYC’ Norm Will Allow Transactions Upto Rs 10,000. Increasing prevalence of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) applications have seen to be the new backbone of the way India prefers to pay these days, with a massive push for mobile wallets.

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Can we use Paytm wallet with minimum KYC?

As per RBI guidelines, you to need do complete your minimum KYC to activate your wallet. … Minimum KYC allows you partial access to benefits of Paytm Wallet. With minimum KYC wallet, you can do the following: Pay to 12 Million+ Merchants who accept Paytm.

Can a 16 year old use Paytm?

The Paytm Services are not available to persons under the age of 18 or to anyone previously suspended or removed by Paytm from availing the Paytm Services or accessing the Paytm Platform.

Can Paytm be hacked?

Paytm Mall, the e-commerce marketplace wing of Paytm, has been allegedly hacked, according to risk intelligence platform Cyble. A known cybercrime group that calls themselves ‘John Wick’ was reportedly able to gain unrestricted access to Paytm Mall’s entire database using a backdoor/ Adminer.

How can I pay my Paytm wallet?

How to Make Credit Card Bill Payment on Paytm

  1. Go to credit card payment page on Paytm.
  2. Click on ‘Proceed’
  3. Enter the details and bill amount.
  4. Proceed with the payment.

Why I can’t pay from my Paytm wallet?

In case, any one of the parties have not completed their KYC, the transaction would not happen. Despite having completed the KYC process, to send an amount higher than Rs. 10,000, you will need to add the receiver as a beneficiary through your Paytm app.

How can I pay my electricity bill by PhonePe?

How to pay your electricity bills through PhonePe

  1. Step 1: Open the PhonePe app and click on ‘Electricity’ under the ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ section.
  2. Step 2: Select your Electricity board.
  3. Step 3: Enter your bill details.
  4. Step 4: Pay your bill with UPI/Debit Cards or Credit Cards.
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What is a KYC wallet?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer and is a process by which a financial institution or a bank verifies your identity. … Users of PayZapp, HDFC Bank digital wallet, can easily make themselves KYC compliant in minutes through its mobile app.

Can I use Google pay without KYC?

Unlike wallets, Google Pay does not require KYC since it uses UPI as the interface. … It is safe and secure, as it will require your UPI pin before making any payments. It also has NFC-enabled payments.

How can I pay without KYC?

Paytm Non-KYC Balance Transfer Trick

  1. Open Scanner in Paytm.
  3. Enter money and Send Money.
  4. It will transfer to Your Friends Bank Account.

What is Paytm wallet limit without KYC?

A KYC-verified account is allowed to have a balance of maximum Rs. 1 lakh in Paytm wallet. Non-KYC users can have a maximum balance of Rs. 20,000 in their wallet.

How can I complete full KYC in Paytm?

How to do KYC in 1-minute?

  1. Tap on the KYC icon.
  2. Enter your Aadhaar Details and validate OTP.
  3. Verify your information and tell us few more details.
  4. That’s It, your KYC is done.
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