Quick Answer: Is El Paso Electric part of ercot?

El Paso, the westernmost city in the state is not part of ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages 90 percent of the flow of electric power to customers in Texas.

What part of Texas does ERCOT cover?

Coverage Area

The ERCOT region encompasses about 75 percent of the land area in Texas, including the urban load centers of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin, as well as most of West Texas, portions of the Panhandle and the Rio Grande Valley.

What parts of Texas are not in ERCOT?

Those edges of Texas, including El Paso, “are primarily in areas outside of those supported by ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the electric grid for 90 percent of the state and operates separately from federal oversight and regulation,” KHOU 11 Houston reported Wednesday night.

Is El Paso Electric privately owned?

El Paso Electric is a Texas-based public utility company, engaging in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in west Texas and southern New Mexico. Its energy sources consist of nuclear fuel, natural gas, purchased power, solar and wind turbines.

El Paso Electric.

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Type Private company
Website www.epelectric.com

Is Texas still without power?

Texas’ power grid is stabilizing, but more than 300,000 remain without electricity. Many people in the state still do not have power, and millions have had their water service disrupted. … In addition, millions of people across the state have had their water service disrupted because of the massive winter storm.

Why Texas has its own power grid?

An aversion to federal regulation was one of the main reasons that Texas energy companies opted for a power grid that didn’t cross state lines. Texas has resisted regulation in major court cases.

Why is El Paso not on the Texas grid?

In February of 2011, El Paso as well as other parts of Texas were hit with an arctic blast that devastated our communities. In El Paso, several days of temperatures of near zero degrees resulted in a collapse of our power grid.

Does ERCOT cover all of Texas?

About 90% of the state of Texas’s electric load is covered by ERCOT, or 26 million customers. That’s about 75% of the land area in the state, and includes most of the main population centers, like Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

Why is Texas not on national grid?

ERCOT currently operates the Texas Interconnection — Texas’ electrical grid. While part of this grid connects to Louisiana and Mexico, the majority of this grid is isolated to just Texas. Because of this, the grid has no oversight or regulation from any federal agencies.

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How many customers does El Paso Electric have?

Today, El Paso Electric is a regional electric utility providing generation, transmission and distribution service to approximately 444,300 retail and wholesale customers in a 10,000 square mile area of the Rio Grande valley in west Texas and southern New Mexico.

Is El Paso Electric a monopoly?

Unlike most other Texas utilities, El Paso Electric operates as a monopoly, so its 420,000 customers in West Texas and New Mexico don’t have the opportunity to choose among competing providers.

Why does El Paso have power?

El Paso’s power comes from the Western Interconnection – a power grid that stretches all the way up into western Canada. … The same storm hit Juarez, but because the city relies on natural gas from Texas for its power – which Texas stopped delivering because of the storm – that city has faced its own blackouts.

Does El Paso use wind energy?

El Paso is gaining only one megawatt of power from wind energy. That is because the city only has two wind turbines right now. The National Weather Service told CBS4 the reason why our winds are so strong is because of our high altitude and the mountains around us. “The city is built on a mountain range.

What renewable energy sources does El Paso Electric use?

Renewables & Tech

El Paso Electric is the first utility in Texas and New Mexico to completely eliminate coal generation from its portfolio, and we’ve launched a major initiative to generate more electricity using solar technology.

Power generation