What do you mean by electric field intensity and electric dipole moment?

Derive an expression for the electric field intensity at any point along the equatorial line of a dipole. Electric dipole moment is defined as the product of either charge and the length of the electric dipole. … Consider an electric dipole consisting of charges -q and +q seperated by a distance 2a.

What do you mean by electric field intensity?

A measure of the force exerted by one charged body on another. The electric field intensity (volts/meter) at any location is the force (Newtons) that would be experienced by unit test charge (Coulombs) placed at the location. …

What do you mean by electric dipole moment?

The electric dipole moment is a measure of the separation of positive and negative electrical charges within a system, that is, a measure of the system’s overall polarity. The SI units for electric dipole moment are coulomb-meter (C⋅m); however, a commonly used unit in atomic physics and chemistry is the debye (D).

What do you mean by electric field intensity and electric dipole moment derive an expression for electric field intensity on its equatorial line of an electric dipole?

E=4πϵ01r42pr or E=4πϵ01r32p….( ii) This is the expression for the electric field strength at axial position due to a short electric dipole. (ii) At a point of equatorial line: Consider a point P on broad side on the position of dipole formed of charges +q and −q at separation 2a.

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What is electric field intensity in dipole?

E acts in the direction of dipole moment. Therefore, the expression for the electric field intensity due to an electric dipole at a point on its axial line is E=q4π∈∘.

What is electric field intensity with example?

If the electric field is produced by a point charge q, then from Coulomb’s law F → = 1 4 π ε 0 q q 0 r 3 r → field due to point-charge q at position in free space.

Can electric field intensity be negative?

An electric field can never be negative. An electric field is a force experienced by the charge divided by the magnitude of the charge.

What is dipole moment example?

A dipole moment is simply the measure of net polarity in a molecule. … Polar molecules exhibit a large difference in electrical charge (a positive end and a negative end), otherwise known as a dipole moment. For example, ammonia (NHsub3) is a polar molecule.

Why is electric dipole moment important?

An electric dipole consists of 2 equal magnitude, opposite-signed charges. The physical significance is it gives a measure of the polarity/polarization of a net neutral system. If the dipole moment is small, either the charges are small or the separation is small.

What is electric dipole example?

An electric dipole is defined as a couple of opposite charges q and –q separated by a distance d. … The simplest example of an electric dipole is a pair of electric charges of two opposite signs and equal magnitude separated by distance.

What is electric dipole formula?

The formula for electric dipole moment for a pair of equal & opposite charges is p = qd, the magnitude of the charges multiplied by the distance between the two.

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What is electric field at equatorial point?

Two equal and opposite charges seperated by some distance constitute a dipole. The electric field strength due to a dipole, far away, is always proportional to the dipole moment and inversely proportional to the cube of the distance.

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