Which of the following is electric bulb?

Which of the following in electric bulb becomes hot and glows?

Due to the heating effect of current, the filament of the bulb gets heated to a high temp and it starts glowing.

Which of the following is present in the electric bulb?

Incandescent light bulbs are filled with an inert gas like nitrogen, argon, or krypton – so that the filament doesn’t catch fire. Early ones were a vacuum. Flourecent lamps are filled with an inert gas plus mercury vapour or neon, which glows ultra-violet when charged.

What is electric bulb answer?

An electric bulb refers to an electric lamp which consists of a translucent or transparent glass housing. It is also known as a light bulb. This simple device has been used for the purpose of illumination for more than a century. Electric bulb refers to a device which produces light on the application of electricity.

Which of the following is the reason for heating of an electric bulb?

The heating effect of electric current results in the wastage of energy in an electric bulb. In electric bulbs, the electrical energy is converted into light energy. A part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy, which cannot be utilised.

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What is the effect of electric bulb?

When electric current passes through a thin, high resistance tungsten filament of an electric bulb, the filament becomes hot and emits light. This is the heating effect of electric current.

What are the two effect of electric current?

Answer: The two effects of electric current are; heating effect and magnetic effect.

Is used in electric bulb?

Filaments in incandescent light bulbs are made of tungsten. When electric current goes through the filament, the filament glows.

Is used in electric bulbs answer?

Complete step-by-step answer: Argon is a commonly used gas, used to fill incandescent light bulbs. It increases the bulb life by preventing the tungsten filament from deteriorating too quickly. Other gases such as helium, neon nitrogen and krypton are also used in lightning.

What is the symbol of bulb?

A light bulb is shown as a circle with a cross inside it. It produces light when a current is passed through it.

What are the important applications of an electric bulb?


  • Electric Bulb: In an electric bulb, the filament of bulb gives light because of heating effect of electricity. …
  • Electric iron: The element of electric iron is made of alloys having high melting point. …
  • Electric fuse: Electric fuse is used to protect the electric appliances from high voltage; if any.
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