You asked: How do I buy electricity with MoMo?

Can I buy electricity with MoMo?

MoMo allows users to purchase airtime, prepaid electricity, and pay for their municipal bills and DSTV subscriptions.

How do I buy electricity with MTN mobile money?

Your electricity Meter ID Number. Once you have the above, simply Dial *303# from your mobile phone and select option 3 (Pay Bill), then select option 2 (ZESCO) and enter the rest of the details as prompted on your phone.

How can I buy electricity using mobile money?

How to pay your bill/buy prepaid using the ECG Power App

  1. Choose the “Make Payment” option to Pay Bills or Buy Prepaid.
  2. Select your meter type (Postpaid/Prepaid)
  3. Enter your Account Number for postpaid or Meter Number for prepaid.
  4. Select payment method.
  5. Enter Mobile Number and amount you want to pay.

How do I pay with MTN MoMo?

Dial *182#, * your preferred language, then * MoKash and enter your Mobile Money PIN to accept the terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of MoKash?

  1. Convenience as customers can transact from anywhere at any time.
  2. Paperless. …
  3. No minimum balance or ledger fees required.
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What happens when prepaid electricity runs out?

When meter balance reaches zero, the meter switches off the electricity that powers your house. Indeed, the prepaid electricity meter has a relay (an automatic switch) which disconnects the power when there is no units left. When you top up, the meter balance increases and the relays lets electricity flows again.

Can I convert airtime to cash?

Airtimedatahub. Airtimedatahub allows you to convert airtime of all networks to cash within a few minutes. They credit customers’ bank account within 5 to 15 minutes of the request submission, according to their website. They charge 20% on Mtn and Airtel airtime, 25% on 9mobile and 35% on Glo.

How can I activate MTN MoMo?

How to register MTN mobile money online

  1. Visit the MTN mobile money website.
  2. Click on “Register”
  3. Enter your username (MTN phone number and PIN)
  4. Enter the auto-generated captcha displayed below your username.
  5. Key in the one-time password that you will receive on your phone from MTN.

How do I fund MoMo agent wallet?

You can fund your momo account directly from your bank, using your mobile banking app. You can fund your MTN momo account from your Access bank mobile app, GTB mobile app, and other banks’ mobile apps. Funding your momo account from your mobile app is very easy.

How do I convert MTN airtime to cash?

To do this, simply send a text message with the format TRANSFER, RECIPIENT’S NUMBER, AMOUNT, PIN to 777. For example, say you want to transfer airtime of 1500, you simply send a text message with ‘Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234’ to 777.

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How can I load my prepaid meter Online?

Choose your supplier, but previously pay for your Meter through the online bank service and receive the PIN.

  1. Enter your account number/Meter number.
  2. Type in your mobile phone number.
  3. Enter the PIN.
  4. Click on ‘Complete’ and you will successfully pay for your electricity online.

How do I load a new prepaid meter?

Go to your prepaid meter and enter the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard correctly on the LCD screen. If you enter the token correctly, the screen will display “ACCEPT” which means that you have successfully recharged your prepaid meter.

How do we buy prepaid online?

for short, how to buy prepaid online. To use the E-prepaid app, users simply download E-PREPAID from the Google Play Store, sign up, enter their 8 or 9-digit meter number, their amount of purchase, and the name registered to the smart meter, and pay through MTN mobile money.

How do I pay with MoMo code?

After registering on the platform, traders and service providers are given a code to use in the payment process. To effect payment, a customer should dial *182*3# and press “Yes” then follow prompts, including filling in the code of the trader and the price of the product.

How do I send money to MoMo?

How To Send Money Using MTN Mobile Money Shortcode

  1. Dial *170#.
  2. Select transfer money.
  3. Select MoMo user (that is if the person is registered on Mobile Money).
  4. Enter the mobile money number and repeat again.
  5. Enter the amount you want to send.
  6. Type in your reference.
  7. Confirm and send money.
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How does MoMo pay work?

This is a service that enables merchants receive payment for goods and services using MTN Mobile Money. It is accessible using *165*3# for both customers and merchants. With MoMoPay, merchants can sell airtime and earn commission, pay suppliers, pay salaries as well as transfer money to the bank.

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