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Not really. Solar Panels comes with a performance guarantee of 25 years. The initial investment is significantly small considering the savings you are going to enjoy over the years.

Your savings depend on

  • the capacity you are inst
  • the amount of electricity you are currently consuming
  • the electricity tariffs of your state

First, going solar is not an ‘expense’; it is an investment. The investment amount depends on your household requirement and the capacity you are installing. Further, your state govt. will share a percentage of your investment which will further drive down the amount that you need to invest.

You can expect close to 50%* reduction in the bill amount provided you install an adequate capacity.

*Monthly savings will fluctuate due to weather, length of month, and the amount of energy used in your home

Your system keeps on running and exporting energy to the grid. The amount of energy that you have uploaded to the grid will be recorded in the net meter. You will only have to pay for the net off the units you have consumed and the units you have produced.

Depending on the net metering laws and utility provider in your state, excess energy generated may roll over as a credit toward the next month’s bill (credited on an annual basis), or paid to customers as a refund.

The sun rays falling on the solar panels are converted into DC electricity. This is inverted into AC electricity by the inverter. This usable electricity flows from the panels, through the net meter, and into a home to power appliances..

Yes. Ujaas Solar customers uses on-grid solar systems. The generated electricity is fed into the grid. The customer has to pay the net of amount that they have generated and that they have produced. In case the production is more than consumption, the customer will be credited a sum for the excess amount.

Our sales guy is equipped to understand the suitability of your rooftop. He will study the roof space, any shades, any obstructions, roof stability; based on these and your energy consumption, he/she will recommend the optimum solar plant that you can install.

Yes, but performance may be affected. Solar panels produce more energy when the sun is shining. The brighter the sun, more is the production.

The time to get the system live, depends largely on the local DISCOM and State Renewable energy boards. We have our own field team which will liaise with the nodal agencies to get your ‘on’ in the shortest possible time.

The main difference is Solar is a Renewable form of energy. As long as the Sun is there we can utilize the same to produce energy is green, ecofriendly and sustainable. In comparison to all other forms of energy, a solar power-plant requires the least set up cost and is cost effective even in low capacity installations.

NO. The entire system shuts down in case of a Power outage.

No maintenance. It only requires periodic cleaning which can done using a jetspray.

The dimensions a Solar PV module is 1960mm*990mm*42mm (LWT). Each module weighs 22.5 kg

Yes, slightly. Over the years, exposure to sun, weather will cause a degradation in the module. However, the solar panels come with a performance warranty of 25 years, hence the degradation is minimal.

Many factors govern the production of a energy by a solar panel including location, orientation, tilt, weather, season, shade, etc. Solar panels produce varying amounts of energy through the day. Solar panels will generate less power in the mornings and evenings when the sun and its brightness is low; while in the afternoon with the sun directly above the production is more.

Every UEL Solar panel has a 25 year warranty on the power output of the solar energy system to guarantee that panels will produce at least 80% of their initial power rating at 25 years. Further our inverters come with a 5 year warranty.
Most solar energy systems will continue to produce for 35 to 40 years depending on the weather and the environment.However, this timeframe is outside scope of our system warranty.

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