Can a electric hot water heater sit on the ground?

Water heaters should not be placed directly on the “dirt,” but they can (absolutely) be installed at floor level with no danger of “exploding.”

Can electric water heaters sit on the floor?

Electric water heaters can sit directly on the concrete floor. There is no risk of accidental ignition of spilled flammable liquids with electric water heaters. … The only reason why you would want to have them off the ground is to save energy or protect the water heater from flooding/rust damage.

Do electric water heaters need to be raised?

It is not necessary for electric water heaters or gas water heaters manufactured after mid-2003. The code states that “appliances having an ignition source shall be elevated not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the floor in garages,” and the purpose of this stipulation is fire safety.

Can an electric water heater be placed outside?

Yes, a water heater can be installed outside in certain instances. Electric and gas tank-style water heaters are not designed to be installed outside without shelter. … Electric tankless water heaters can also be installed outside with some sheltering recommended to protect the unit from the weather.

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Does my water heater have to be on a stand?

Required Height of a Water Heater Stand

The Uniform Plumbing Code states that the pilot light or other lighting mechanism on a gas water heater should be at least 18″ from the ground. … With that being said, the National Fuel Gas Code requires that all gas water heater installed in garages be at least 18″ off the ground.

Should you put bricks under a water heater?

old heaters on 3 bricks…the bricks should be fine as long as it is balanced well and no one dances on the top of the heater.

Do electric water heaters have an ignition source?

6.1 commentary. Water heaters having an ignition source shall be elevated so that the source of ignition is not less than 18” above the garage floor. An ignition source could be many things, including an open flame, electrical switch, open resistance heating coils, or an electrical igniter unit.

Does an electric water heater need a pan?

Pans & Drains

It’s generally recommended, and required, to install a drip pan with a drain line beneath your hot water heater tank. Especially if you water heater is in your home or basement, a leak could cause lots of water damage. A pan and drain eliminate this possibility.

Can a water heater sit on wood?

Can a water heater sit on wood? Electric water heater can sit on any flooring surface, and stuff can be put directly on top or touching side of electric water heater.

How much does it cost to move a water heater outside?

Cost – I would expect, assuming decent access, building an alcove with ventilated door probably about $400-600 (unless your other alcove is already built), moving the heater and extending plumbing (gas and water) to it probably about $300-500 for plumber.

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Does a tankless water heater have to be installed on an exterior wall?

It is possible to install a tankless water heater outside and free up indoor space. The roof or side wall can be used as a vent for the tankless water heaters. Venting through the roof is required for traditional gas tank water heaters.

Where should a water heater be placed in a house?

Water heaters tend to be tucked away in the garage, basement, crawlspace or attic and sometimes in their own closet. Its placement in the house affects how fast the water will heat up in the kitchen or bathroom.

Is a tall or short water heater better?

The major differences are height, gallon capacity and required height for plumbing connections. Tall water heaters range are about 16 inches taller, can hold up to 50 more gallons of water and require 10 inches more height for plumbing connections. Other than that, there is no distinguishable difference in performance.

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