Frequent question: What is the electric field inside a charged hollow sphere?

If we assume any hypothetical sphere inside the charged sphere, there will be no net charge inside the Gaussian surface . So, Σq = 0 . So, the net flux φ = 0. So, the electric field inside a hollow sphere is zero.

What is the electric field inside a hollow sphere?

According to Gaussian’s law the electric field inside a charged hollow sphere is Zero. This is because the charges resides on the surface of a charged sphere and not inside it and thus the charge enclosed by the guassian surface is Zero and hence the electric field is also Zero.

How do you find the electric field in a hollow sphere?

To find field inside the hollow sphere we can take take Gaussian surfaces with radii ranging from R=0 to R=r. Any of these surfaces the charge enclosed is zero and hence field at all the points on these surfaces is zero. Thus, electric field in side a hollow sphere of conductor is zero.

At what point in a hollow charged sphere an electric field is zero?

If you have a conducting hollow sphere with a uniform charge on its surface, then will the electric field at every point inside the shell be 0.

Why is electric field inside a sphere zero?

since all the charge is distributed on the surface of the spherical shell so according to Gauss law there will not be any electric flux inside the spherical shell, because the charge inclosed by the spherical shell is zero, so there will not be any electric field present inside the spherical shell.

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Why is there no electric field in a hollow sphere?

In a hollow sphere, with the charge on the surface of spheres, there is no charge enclosed within the sphere, since all the charges are in surface. Hence there is no electric field within the sphere.

Which is not deflected by electric field?

Alpha particles are positively charged as they have two protons and two neutrons. … This means that alpha and beta radiation can be deflected by electric fields, but gamma radiation cannot. Hence the types of waves that cannot be deflected by an electric field or a magnetic field are gamma rays.

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