What cell is similar to a power plant?

The mitochondria is known as the “powerhouse of the cell” and is responsible for producing ATP for energy usage in the cell.

How is the mitochondria like a power plant?

The mitochondria is like an electric power plant because it is the main source of energy in a cell. Explanation: You must think of the cell as if it were a city. This cell is constantly active and has a lot of energy, but that energy is running out.

What is the power plant of the cell called?

Mitochondria are unusual organelles. They act as the power plants of the cell, are surrounded by two membranes, and have their own genome.

Which cell part is like the power plant in a city?

The mitochondria supply the energy for the cell by transforming sugars into energy as does a power company produce energy for the city.

How a cell is like a city?

A city border is like a cell membrane because it allows what comes in and out of the city. The cell membrane is inside the cell wall just like a city border. Steel grinders are like a cytoskeleton because they are the structure of the city. Also plumbing can be like the cytoskeleton of the “cell”.

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What process makes ATP?

The process human cells use to generate ATP is called cellular respiration. It results in the creation of 36 to 38 ATP per molecule of glucose. … The two ATP-producing processes can be viewed as glycolysis (the anaerobic part) followed by aerobic respiration (the oxygen-requiring part).

What is powerhouse of cell?

The mitochondria, often labeled the powerhouse of the cell, are the organelle responsible for energy production within the cell. Playing an important role in cellular respiration, the mitochondria are the main location for ATP production.

When a cell takes in eats another cell or debris this is called?

Phagocytosis (the condition of “cell eating”) is the process by which large particles, such as cells or relatively large particles, are taken in by a cell.

Which sugar does mitochondria run on?

In the mitochondria, the metabolism of sugars is completed, and the energy released is harnessed so efficiently that about 30 molecules of ATP are produced for each molecule of glucose oxidized. By contrast, only 2 molecules of ATP are produced per glucose molecule by glycolysis alone.

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