What does NS stand for in electrical?

NS means “No stuff”. This is an assembly instruction.

What does NS mean in work?

Not Scheduled. This error occurs when an employee has clocked in on a day for which they are not scheduled to work. By default an abbreviation of “NS” appears on the time card. Out Early. This error occurs when an employee has clocked out before the stop time specified on the schedule that they are assigned to work.

What is N in electrical engineering?

N is the Neutral and returns current to where it originated – in a house that is the main circuit breaker panel or fuse box. Eventually, all electricity must return to earth. In the main circuit breaker panel, Ground (G) and Neutral are bonded together.

What does NS mean in Snapchat?

When used in text and chat messages, the acronym NS typically stands for “no s***.” You might also see NS pop up on social media, when a user doesn’t want to swear but still wants to say “no s***.”

What does NS mean in school?

NS Education Abbreviation

6 NS No Score Score, Writing, Beer
3 NS New School
3 NS Nuclear Ship Yachting, Nautical, Military
3 NS Number Sense Sense, Grade, Presentation
3 NS Nursing Science Nursing, University, Health
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What does ns mean in law?

Take action

Court activity or disposition Description
NS Non-suit
Pardon Guilty/Conviction with a Pardon from the Governor
PG Plea of Guilty
PNG Plea not guilty

What does ns mean in physics?

The newton-second (also newton second; symbol: N⋅s or N s) is the derived SI unit of impulse. It is dimensionally equivalent to the momentum unit kilogram-metre per second (kg⋅m/s). One newton-second corresponds to a one-newton force applied for one second.

What does ns mean in pharmacy?

NS. normal saline (0.9%) 1/2NS. half normal saline (0.45%) N.T.E.

What is spare in electrical?

If you click on one of your circuits in the panel and click “insert” below it, it will make a blank circuit in the panel which you can rename to “SPARE”. It even keeps the name you put it it when you “Update all names”. The big thing though is that you have to select an existing circuit to do this.

What does R stand for in circuits?

Circuit notation and reference designators

More commonly used Circuit Schematic Reference Designators
Reference Designator Component Type
PS Power supply
Q Transistor
R Resistor

What is DB electrical?

A distribution board (also known as panelboard, breaker panel, electric panel, DB board or DB box) is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.

What is L in electrical circuit?

Inductor is an electrical component that stores energy in magnetic field. The inductor is made of a coil of conducting wire. In an electrical circuit schematics, the inductor marked with the letter L.

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Is Neutral positive or negative?

When live (phase) wire is positive, neutral wire is negative. When phase wire turns negative, neutral wire becomes positive.

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