What is an infinite reservoir for electric charge?

A ground is simply an object that serves as a seemingly infinite reservoir of electrons; the ground is capable of transferring electrons to or receiving electrons from a charged object in order to neutralize that object.

Why don’t you feel the electric force on you all the time?

You don’t feel electric force in everyday life because almost every negative charge (electron) in the universe is nestled up close to a positive charge (the nucleus of an atom). That equalizes (neutralizes) the electric force. That’s why we are not aware of it most of the time.

Which sentence explains why a charged comb attracts an uncharged piece of paper?

Initially the comb is electrically neutral. So it has no effect on the tiny pieces of paper. When the comb is rubbed on a dry cloth, it gets electrically charged. This charged comb exerts an electric force on the tiny pieces of paper and attracts them.

Why do the positive and negative charges separate in Part B )?

Why do the positive and negative charges separate in part (b)? A negatively charged rod near sphere A repels electrons, and excess negative charge moves onto sphere B, leaving sphere A with excess positive charge. … The like charges repel each other on each of the spheres.

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What are the two types of charges?

Electric charges are of two general types: positive and negative.

What happens when a person who has built up a charge touches someone else?

As the charge builds up, the electrons get too close to each other, and they need a place to escape. They get their chance when you touch something or someone else. The electrons jump onto your pal, making both of you jump at the electric shock.

Is gravity stronger than electric force?

Here the difference is even worse. The electric force between these electrons is 2.40 x 1043 times bigger than the gravitational force. In other words, electricity is almost a trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion times stronger than gravity.

Is electric force attractive or repulsive?

Second, gravitational forces are only attractive; electrical forces can be either attractive or repulsive. The inverse square relationship between force and distance that is woven into the equation is common to both non-contact forces.

Why is the electric field inside a conductor zero?

When the conductor is placed in a electric field (Electric field is defined as the electric force per unit charge) the field acts on the surface of the conductor as there is no free electrons inside the conductor. Therefore, the electric field inside a conductor zero.

Why does a plastic comb attract paper?

You can observe static electricity if you run a plastic comb through your hair, then place the comb near small pieces of paper. The paper is attracted to the comb. This happens because the charged comb induces an opposite charge in the paper and as opposite charges attract, the paper sticks to the comb.

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How do objects get charged?

An electrical charge is created when electrons are transferred to or removed from an object. Because electrons have a negative charge, when they are added to an object, it becomes negatively charged. When electrons are removed from an object, it becomes positively charged.

What happens when the plastic comb is rubbed with a piece of cloth?

When a wool cloth is rubbed on a plastic comb, the cloth loses electrons and the comb gains them. The comb now has a negative charge and the wool has a positive charge.

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