What should you do if a co worker is shocked or burned by electricity?

What is the most important thing to do if you see someone being shocked by electricity?

Call the utility who owns the line or law enforcement authorities to report the problem and get emergency medical assistance right away. Do not try to move the shock victim. When you are sure that the person is no longer in contact with the power source, check for breathing and pulse, and perform CPR if needed.

What should you do if someone gets shocked?

Seek emergency medical care

Keep the person still and don’t move him or her unless necessary. Begin CPR if the person shows no signs of life, such as not breathing, coughing or moving. Loosen tight clothing and, if needed, cover the person with a blanket to prevent chilling. Don’t let the person eat or drink anything.

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What is the first step to rescue the person in electrical contact?

The first step to do is to disconnect the power supply. Turn off the electricals supply, unplug the machine, or switch off the fuse box, if within reach. Don’t attempt to touch the victim until you’re certain the power supply is turned off.

Which organ is mainly affected by electric shock?

An electric shock may directly cause death in three ways: paralysis of the breathing centre in the brain, paralysis of the heart, or ventricular fibrillation (uncontrolled, extremely rapid twitching of the heart muscle).

What does it feel like to get electrocuted?

Our body conducts electricity so when you get an electric shock, electricity will flow through your body without any obstruction. A minor shock may feel like a tingling sensation which would go away in some time. Or it may cause you to jump away from the source of the current.

What are the after effects of an electric shock?

When nerves are affected by an electric shock, the consequences include pain, tingling, numbness, weakness or difficulty moving a limb. These effects may clear up with time or be permanent. Electric injury can also affect the central nervous system.

How long does it take to recover from shock?

Most of the time, shock won’t go away on its own, so it will linger until you receive medical help. If you don’t urgently seek medical attention, you may end up hospitalized for weeks. Sadly, some people die from multiple organ failure. Continue reading to learn about the five major types of physical shock below.

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Why do I get electric shock when I touch someone?

So, when a person or any object has extra electrons, it creates a negative charge. These electrons thus get attracted to positive electrons (as opposite attracts) of another object or person and vice versa. The shock that we feel sometimes is the result of the quick movement of these electrons.

Can you touch a person who has been electrocuted?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL THE PERSON FROM THE ELECTRICAL SOURCE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS, YOU MAY BE ELECTROCUTED. Remember, your body is a good conductor of electricity, if you touch the person while they are connected to the electrical source, the electricity will flow through your body causing electrical shock.

Is electric shock a hazard?

There are two known hazards of electricity—thermal and shock. … A shock hazard occurs when electric current passes through a person. Shocks range in severity from painful, but otherwise harmless, to heart-stopping lethality.

What should I do if my child gets shocked by an outlet?

Turn off the power source. Pull the plug, or switch off the electricity at the fuse box or circuit breaker. In the rare case that this isn’t possible, separate your child from the current with a dry, nonconductive object, such as a wooden or plastic broomstick. Have someone call 911 (or your local emergency number).

What is the first thing you should do if a person is unconscious and not breathing?

If they’re not breathing, open the airway and give 5 initial rescue breaths before starting CPR. Find out how to give CPR, including rescue breaths. If the person is unconscious but still breathing, put them into the recovery position with their head lower than their body and call an ambulance immediately.

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Can you get electrocuted and not feel it?

There are two main causes of delayed electric shock symptoms: Masking – This occurs when a person who has been injured experiences medical conditions that “mask” their electric shock symptoms, causing the injured person to believe the condition is unrelated to and not actually a symptom of an electric shock injury.

What happens if you get shocked by 240 volts?

An electric shock from a 240 volt power point can kill you, but on a dry day your car door can zap you with 10,000 volts and just make you swear.

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