Which of the following power plant has least fuel transportation?

In which field transportation cost is least?

In fuel transportation cost is least.

In which power plant the cost of fuel transportation is maximum?

Thermal power plant has maximum fuel transportation cost due to heavy demand for coal.

What kind of process does a steam power plant undergoes?

5. What kind of a process does a ‘Steam Power Plant’ undergoes? Explanation: As the internal energy change in the ‘Steam Power Plant’ is ZERO. Hence, the entire plant obeys a Cyclic Process.

Which type of power plant is most efficient?

Today we announced that the Chubu Electric Nishi-Nagoya power plant Block-1 – powered by GE’s 7HA gas turbine – has been recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as the world’s Most efficient combined-cycle power plant, based on achieving 63.08 percent gross efficiency.

Which powerplant has maximum operating cost?

4. Which of the following have highest operating cost? Explanation: Operating cost of hydroelectric and Solar Power Plant are very low because they don’t need fuel. In nuclear power plant fuel required is of very small quantity as compared to coal required by thermal power plant.

What is the heart of power plant?

At the heart of any thermal power generator is the turbine.

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What are the basic costs in transportation?

The four basic costs are as follows: Line haul.

How to reduce total transportation costs

  • Describe line-haul costs by increasing the weight shipped.
  • Decrease pickup and delivery costs by reducing the number of pickups. …
  • Decrease terminal handling costs by decreasing the number of parcels by consolidating shipments.

What is the cost of transport?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The energy cost of transport quantifies the energy efficiency of transporting an animal or vehicle from one place to another. As a dimensionless quantity, it allows for the comparison of dissimilar animals or modes of transportation.

How do you calculate transportation costs?

You spend around 10 percent of your monthly income on transportation.

To calculate your transportation expense ratio:

  1. Start with your average monthly (or yearly) transportation expenses.
  2. Divide this figure by your gross monthly (or yearly) income, before taxes and any other adjustments.
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