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We all realise how much it is necessary to switch to renewable sources than to depend on non-renewable sources. In the upcoming future, renewable sources are going to take over. Natural Sources like sunlight, wind, and water will be the new providers. Talking about the energy derived from the sunlight, it has a wide range of


Monday, 23 July 2018
There are many reasons to go solar as it is an abundant source of energy and solves our problem of running out of energy sources to rely on. But, when we talk about its use for homes, it is even more energy saving in the normal consumption routine. Rooftop solar system is a setup which uses
Rooftop solar solutions incorporate home solar systems which produce electricity from sunlight. It is basically a power generating system which uses solar panels for the conversion. It works on the simple mechanism of converting DC power into AC. There is no doubt in the fact that the energy generated through solar is clean and a renewable
In our previous blog, we described the reasons for which one should install Home Solar System on their home rooftop. To reduce cost, however, many choose to install solar panels themselves. But Do-it-Yourself approach to installing Home Solar is not as efficient as it might seem. Always choose a professional to install Rooftop Solar System. Why,
With the prices of solar panels falling, Home Solar has become a lot more affordable for common house owners. Installing home solar is now a reasonable option for those who look for ways to cut their expenses on power as well as the environment-conscious residents who dream to make their home a green home. But what
On 1st April 2017, power consumers in the state of Bihar saw an electricity tariff hike of 20%. In the same month, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) increased power tariff by 8%. There is no dearth of statistics for price rise in the electricity sector. The wholesale inflation rate in fuel and power sector was massive 18% in January&rsquo 17

What is Net Metering?

Sunday, 22 July 2018
For those who care about energy security as well as those who care about the environment, the abundance and renewable characteristic of Solar Energy make it one of the most attractive options as an energy source. But Sun is not constant. The intensity of Sun is much less during monsoon and winter. And solar panels cannot

Why is Ujaas Home the best?

Sunday, 22 July 2018
Ujaas Home doesn&rsquo t just offer solar panels but a comprehensive package of products and services associated with residential solar panel installation. Solar rooftop system is a package product comprising residential solar panels, inverter, mounting structures and net meter, and services which include installation, paperwork on your behalf and continual post-installation monitoring. Ujaas Home offers